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A7VK series of oblique axis variable pump
£¨Special pump for high and low pressure foaming machine£©

A7VK series of oblique axis variable pump with compact design,small size,low noise,measurement accuracy,the installation of flange,drive shaft and function with the same A2VK,easy to replace.Suitable for high viscosity medium(such as oil and polyurethane medium)

Improve the corrosion resistance by special surface treatment.

Manual adjustment of the use of accurate display and fixture.

Improve the capctiy efficiency by using the axial taper piston technology.

¡¡Technical Parameters
Specification A7VK-12 A7VK-28    
Geometric Capacity cm3/r 11.6 28.1    
Rotational Speed r/min Rated nN 1450 1450    
Maximun nN -- --    
Perssure MPa Rated PN 25 25    
Maximun Pmax 31.5 31.5    
Input Power(KW)n=1450r/min¡¡P=PN 5.5 11    
Mass kg(Manual Control) 11.8 22.2    
¡¡Demonstration Of The Type
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